Private Online Lessons

Ever wanted to learn how to DJ or Remix? We will teach you everything from the basics to the most advance in the DJ and Remix world! Learn live online in comfort of your own space with flexible times and get that individual attention that DIY videos and ‘one-size-fits-all’ classes just can’t match!

What to expect?

- 100% of our focus with no distractions

- Positive Attitude and Mindset 

A custom curriculum created just for you

- All of our pro tricks and technical skills at your disposal

- Hands-on instruction & personalized feedback

- Over 3 decades of experience in the industry as DJ's, Remixers and Music Producers 

How it works?

- Purchase & schedule your lessons at your convenience 
- We meet ONLINE via Zoom or Skype Conferencing (it’s free)

 What you will need?

- Your DJ gear or Audio Daw (For Remixing) 
- Camera(s): Computer Webcam &/or Smartphone (so we can see you and your gear) 
- Screen: Computer, Tablet &/or Smartphone (so you can see me) 
- Steady internet connection



How to DJ

Learn the basics of which gear to get and how to hook/set it all up, to the fundamentals/advanced of beat mixing, scratching, crowd gauging, mic control confidence, music selection and so much more! 

How to Remix

Learn the key essentials to the most advanced of how to Remix, Redrum, Mashup, Transition, Party Break, Megamix, to Creating your OWN music and much more!  Check out some of our remixes Here


About Us

With over 30 years of DJ experience and over 2000 Remixes, we might know a thing or two and would love to be apart of your learning journey whether you're  just starting out, or looking to up your game.  

We have toured the world DJing at some of the biggest night clubs and festivals, not to mention over 300 weddings and private events ect... We have charted consistently as one of the best remixers on websites such as Crooklyn Clan, Crack 4 Djs, Yourremix, Strictly Hits and many more, which lead to opening of the biggest remix websites TheBeatFreakz.Net

Check out some of our remixes here